/Content/Images/Shared/cremation_services.jpgAll Pet cremains are placed into a temporary container after cremation. We have a large selection of pet urns available for purchase at our office, starting at $17.00. 

A Pet urn is an option you may choose, depending on your preference. Pet Urns come in all shapes and sizes and are made of wood, stone, metal, ceramic, and other materials. Some pet urns can be personalized with pictures, name plates or other features, or you may choose your own way to personalize the Urn of your choice. 

All burials in our Pet Cemetery require a pet casket and marker for the grave. We stock several different types of pet caskets along with links to suppliers of pet caskets available for a burial in our Pet Cemetery or a burial at your home. 

The Markers we offer for burials in our Pet Cemetery are made of granite. We offer different sizes and colors; there are other options for home burial you may like and we will be happy to explain them to you.