Services We Offer

General Summary

/Content/Images/Shared/services.jpgWe at Katy’s only offer Individual ~ Private Pet Cremationsyour pet’s cremains will be returned to you in a temporary container.

An Individual ~ Private Cremation is when your Pet and only your Pet is placed into the Crematory. The cremains are removed before another Pet is placed into the unit. 

Don’t be mistaken. It cannot be an Individual ~ Private Cremation if more than one pet is placed into the unit, no matter what some might tell you. When more than one Pet is placed into the unit, then it is a GROUP or COMMUNAL cremation. Then, the chances of your Pet’s cremains being commingled with other cremains is high. In most cases our Individual ~ Private Cremation prices are less then what some charge for their Group/Communal Cremations. 

At Katy's Pet, all cremations are done locally and not sent away; we are contracted by you (not veterinarians), so you’re our boss – we follow your wishes.