Services We Offer

Our Commitment to You


For nearly 33 years, we have offered burial and cremation services for your beloved pet companions as an extension to our family's mortuary.  We did not start this service as a gimmick or pre-need source.  Katy's was started because our family truly loves our pets, and we believe they are a part of our family and deserve the best care possible upon their passing.

We service the entire Pekin/Peoria area and offer pickup from your vet upon the passing of your pet. You legally have the right to choose the service you want when it comes to the passing of your pet.  We do NOT pay commissions or referrals to vets.  We have always had, and will continue to have, affordable prices.  Our belief has always been to service the owners, NOT the vets.  If your vet tells you that you have to use their service and can't choose the service you want, then maybe it's time to find a new vet.  If your vet won't let you choose, let us know.  We will be happy to assist you on all the options you have, to file complaints, or to recommend a new vet for you.

Along with our affordable prices, we will never make you purchase anything you don't want or need.  Some services automatically include an urn, which you are forced to pay for.  With nearly 33 years of experience, we understand that not all pet owners need or want an urn.  We have found over all these years that over half of our clients would not need an urn for the type of disposition they have chosen.  Why pay for something you don't need?

Since 1984, we have offered burial at our cemetery as well as private pet cremations at our crematory. We have always done private cremations where your pet and ONLY your pets cremains are given back to you at a price that is less than what most charge for a companion cremation.

Private cremations start at $65 and optional urns from $17 to $120.  The choice is yours.